Promotional Custom Calendar for Real Estate Agent - Software you can give away to your Buyers and Sellers

Dear Sales Representative,

Welcome to Eshasoft. #1 provider of personalized Calendar and planner software!

e-Calendar software is the evolution of paper calendar for the computer and internet age. With Desktop Calendar your clients are just one-click away from your business and services.

The Windows Desktop is the most valuable marketing location in Internet history! Currently, there is no better place to display your marketing messages than on your clients and prospective clients Windows Desktop (computer monitor). Give them your own personally-branded Calendar software which they will use year after year and think of you day after day!

Increase your bottom line by building stronger relationship with your existing clients and acquiring new customers with your own personalized Calendar. Order today!

Desktop Marketing

Why choose Eshasoft Desktop Calendar?

It never expires; it is good forever! It is truly the last calendar you will ever need. And since it never expires, your customers, colleagues and friends can enjoy it for years. Eshasoft Calendar was designed to have something for everyone.

With Eshasoft Calendar, you can browse the Web with no pop-ups, and easily organize your time and contacts. At the same time, you can listen to your favorite MP3 songs.

Eshasoft Desktop Calendar has been in the market for over 3 years and, unlike other promotional calendar software, has always received 5-star ratings from reviewers and users. You can proudly give your Custom Calendar to your contacts and they will use it on a daily basis (building brand awareness and customer loyalty).

Tools included:

Calendar & Planner with reminders
To-do list
Web-browser with built-in Pop-up blocker
Email program launcher
Calendar photo personalization

(3.0MB for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003)

The personal information manager (PIM) can be used as a combined calendar, organizer, and reminder. Keep track of dates, appointments, and annual events like birthdays, to-do items, and notes.

Internet Explorer-compatible Web browser with built-in pop-up blocker. This no-nonsense pop-up blocker blocks pop-ups and pop-unders when you're surfing the Web with Eshasoft Calendar.

Our Advantages:

Useful - Eshasoft Desktop Calendar is useful, encouraging repeated use and brand awareness.
Easy to Use - Complicated free software doesn't get used (and reused). Our software is straightforward, making it convenient and popular.
Reliable and Robust - Our programs run on systems as old as Windows 95 and as new as Windows XP, and have been in continuous use since 2002!
Royalty Free - Your initial cost is the only cost, whether customers receive one hundred copies or one thousand copies!
Detailed Contact Info - Custom pens might allow one or two lines of contact information. Our products allow you to enter much more than that, and have it easily seen by customers.
Internet-Ready - Your contact information also includes a web URL button, providing customers immediate access to your site (Internet connection necessary).


Your custom calendar only costs "$1-a-Day". That is correct, only one dollar a day. No set-up fees! No hidden charges! No contract to sign!

"$1-a-Day" includes:
  1. Creation of your customized Calendar
  2. Creation and hosting of your personalized calendar download web page
  3. Maintenance of calendar "city" content
  4. Free calendar updates as they become available
eCalendar for Dollar-a-Day

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